Starting out as a documentary production company in 2011, ODICI Films is dedicated to quality content production through its projects and collaborations. 


Joining creativity and passion to its unique set of skills, ODICI Films produces outstanding visual and scientific content for a variety of audiences and platforms (large screen format, TV documentaries, web series , magazines, etc.). 



Our mission is to capture the beautiful and the inspiring. Through our imagerie and storytelling we hope to captivate peoples imagination, share knowledge and inspire all.  

Ultimately through our projects we wish to spark a little extra something in each and everyone of us. 



Through our projects, we aspire to awaken a little extra something in each and everyone of us. To do this, we rely on original and authentic content, unique images and inspirational stories. ODICI Films strives to shine light on new perspectives and encourage reflections on subjects that matter. Through images, science and human narratives, we hope to strengthen a feeling of wonder and respect for the beauty of our world, ultimately motivating a sense of duty to help preserve it.


Whether it is to bring a complete production to life or simply add our expertise to an existing one, ODICI Films offers the same professional quality and devotion to our clients projects as we do our own.  


Combining creative imagery and accessible scientific content  we offer a variety of services from large complex shoots to small remote wilderness teams.  

In all circumstances we bring our experience and passion to every project. 

Examples of specialized video services we offer.



Despite the difficulties that accompany it, we cherish our job. It allows us to continually discover and learn more about our world, to meet inspiring people, to explore fascinating places and to enjoy nature in all its splendor. We are very grateful and want to do our best to give back to this world as much as it offers us.


Wherever we go, we demonstrate professionalism and respect for people and their culture, as well as nature. We aspire to convey positive, inspirational and hopeful messages; to encourage the good in all of us. We value kindness and compassion. This is why ODICI Films is committed to giving back to the communities where it is brought to work.