Odici films is a Quebec based independent motion picture company. We work with a small group of passionate individuals who thrive on producing original and visually inspiring content.  Our focus is on unique ways of expressing our vision through projects that inspire us to surpass ourselves.


Odici films is proud to present it’s first medium length visual documentary called ‘Water : Reflections’ soon to be aired on Canadian Television.



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Odici Film’s mission is to produce video graphic images of the highest standard.

Our team thrives in remote and technical shooting situations. We specialize in action scenes, motorized time lapse and camera stabilization that result in striking imagery, often shot in remote locations.


Odici Films is always willing to assist or collaborate on other productions we cross paths with.





Teaming up with great people is what we are all about.  Check them out !


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Water Reflections -

A visual glimpse into our human relationship with water.



 The Vision

Water is the next big issue for maintaining our well being on this planet. Interestingly we, like our planet are made up of 70% Water. It sustains our lives, feeds our industries, provides us with power and entertains us.


Embark on a thought-provoking journey through water’s intimate relationship with our planet. Come explore different ways water shapes our world and how we humans relate to it. This is a film without dialogue that uses evocative imagery, sounds and music to transport the viewer onto a path of his or her own Water : Reflections.


We take water so much for granted especially here in North America. With-out thinking : Where does it come from? And where is it going? It appears out of our taps and disappears into our sinks like magic!


Martin Trow-Lepine | Producer Director

André Odici

André Théberge | Executive Producer


François Jolin | Composer


Jonh Miller | Sound Designer


Alain Bellefleur | Sound Recorder


Maryse Desrosiers | Location Manager





There is no life without water.

Water, like a mirror, also reflects who we are.

How we interact with it will determine our future. 

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